Five Minute Friday: Gift

The Lord will withholdno good thing from

If only I could play by ear.

This is something that’s said aloud too often, bemoaning what I think I’m lacking in my life. Music is one of my gifts. I grew up juggling piano and violin lessons with rehearsal times and homework. I’m able to sight-read music, even on the spot, if necessary. As long as I have something to play from, I am safe.

But to play by ear? That gift is not mine.

For a while, I felt incomplete. How could I be unbalanced, having capabilities to read but not to play by ear? While I’m always willing to accompany various groups and friends, if there’s no sheet music (yes–even guitar chords are workable) then I cannot help you.

But God! When we’re ready to listen, He always has a timely word.

The Lord will withhold no good thing for those who do what is right. (Psalm 84:11b, NLT)

I wasn’t incomplete at all!

It’s just that playing by ear is a gift that He chose not to give me. God doesn’t have justify this to me either. I need to accept that He knows why and that it’s the best thing for me. This is part of a growing faith. If I stop complaining about what I don’t have, I can appreciate the gifts that I do have.

I can read music. I can sight-read music on the spot. I know people who struggle with reading even simple music without rehearsing it first or hearing a recording of the song.

God is good!

He doesn’t hold back any of the goods. If you find yourself wondering why you think this or that is missing from your life, it may be because it’s not good for you.

God loves us too much to let us wallow in things that are not good for us.


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Tuesday at Ten {Truth}

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Sixth place.

That was my ranking on his list. My classmate was naming the girls that he’d date next, if things didn’t work out with his current girlfriend.

Here’s the catch: there were only six girls in my class. I was at the bottom of his list, in last place.

Thankfully, this was only Grade 6. However, I learned a very valuable truth at recess that day:

He did not value me.

I would always be his last resort option. Even at the unknowing and innocent age of 11 years, I knew that this was not a compliment.

I realized then that I needed to start making wise choices for myself and the romantic life I hoped to have. First, being honest with myself, I was in no rush to date. What’s the point dating if I’d have to rely on my parents for a ride? And how was I to get money to do something? ‘Mom, Dad, can I please have $$ to go out with my boyfriend?’ Umm, nope. And where would we go? When would we go? I wasn’t ready.

These days, young people are feeling pressured to be with someone. They know to dress in a manner that’s attractive. As a Mom myself now, I’ve noticed that too many of the clothing items marketed to young ladies are child sizes of an adult woman’s. No, my 3-year-old does not need a smaller mini-skirt and tiny high heels. Flirting happens in hopes that they’d be noticed and gain extra special attention. Magazines contain quizzes to help girls see if he’s the one or if they’re compatible. If you need a quiz to figure this out, he probably ain’t the one.

We need to speak truth early on. Girls need to understand value before they get involved in a relationship. It would help if they recognized their own value before connecting with someone else. Otherwise, they’ll be too easily swayed.

You are valuable.

Everybody is valuable. You are valuable because God handcrafted you in a unique way. The person you choose to date or crush on is also valuable. As God’s masterpiece, you should be treated with great care and respect. Likewise, we should treat others respectfully as well. Any interaction with you may be their only exposure to Christ.

Never settle for being the last resort option. You were not created to be anyone’s remnant. If you’re feeling passed by and picked over, left behind while the ‘better’ girls were chosen, that is what happened—in one boy’s eyes. If he cannot see your value, you will never be worthy to him. No amount of flirting, cleavage or calculated risks will get you there.

You are valuable. That is the truth.

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Tuesday At Ten {Seek}

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Tuesday At Ten

‘Ready or not, here I come!’ is usually said during the game hide-and-seek. My children enjoy playing this game as they’re convinced that I will never find them. They enjoy seeking out little spots hoping to be inconspicuous. They don’t realize that their giddy snickers usually give them away long before I’m anywhere nearby. It’s fun for them.

The game ‘hide & seek’ could have originated in the Garden of Eden.

God created a flawless world with breathtaking scenery and majestic creatures of all shapes and sizes. He also handcrafted humans. Adam and Eve.

With loving generosity, our Creator gifted us with free will. We decide which choices to make based on the information set before us. Except for one tree and solid warnings, He held nothing back.

Because the world was perfect, God hung out regularly with Adam and Eve. No hiding in cliffs or seeing only His back. Time with God meant a whole other thing than we know it today.

Then sin marred the picture. The moment that Adam and Eve sinned, they experienced a change that made them uneasy. They donned garments in attempts to cover up their shame. I’d imagine that their bright, clear eyes now shone with worry and glistened with the threat of tears. Things were no longer right.

Ready or not, here came God. This time, when God came calling, they hid.

Unwilling to miss their time together, He went seeking.

And found them.

We cannot hide from God, no matter how hard we try. He is always seeking for us, His children.

Willing and ready to shower us with His grace.