Five Minute Friday: World

For God so loved the world...

It seems we tend to live in two worlds.

First, we have our own world. Our little bubbles, surrounded by our family and friends of our choosing. We do our best to control what happens in our world. We choose education levels and career paths; where to live and who to befriend as neighbours. A space we try to keep as a safe haven.

The there is the world. The planet, on a larger scale. Full of people God handcrafted, just like you and me. Yet, we’re all from different parts of the globe. We vary in all hues and speak all sorts of beautiful words in dialects that are like a symphony to the ear.

For God so loved the world.

Yes, He loves me in my world too. He loves me with all my idiosyncrasies and quirks. Even when I’m trying too hard to do my own thing and daring to run independent of Him, He still loves me. And you.

For God so loved the world.

The world.

He loves everyone. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Even with all their idiosyncrasies and quirks. With the customs that are foreign to me and the mannerisms that are so unlike my own. He loves people.

For God so loved the world.

How do I link my world to the world?

Let’s look to Jesus. He was the ultimate in foreigners to this world. He was God, encased in human flesh but with a supernatural intellect. Despite the drastic differences, He simply loves us.

He never looked at anyone as a threat to His own little world. Christ had a broad perspective on the world and was able to love people because of who they are and not what they appear to be.


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d e v e l o p m e n T

She varies, with different faces, shapes, sizes and hues.  Some days, she is stylish; other times, she is ‘unique’.

She has a heart often made of solid gold.  She works to love those around her, from the depths of her being.  One should avoid double-crossing her, however, because she will rear her head and fire venom at you before you can blink.  As deeply as she loves, she abhors unfairness and injustice too.  She works hard to rectify wrong doings.

She has eyes that she guards heavily with thin, and hopefully transparent, veils.  While she’s discerning enough to read you with one glance, she strives to keep her eyes clear and void of her personal sentiments.  Life is about you, not her.  What can she give you?  Her bravado is on full display to erase the fear from your eyes…and hers.

She’s a spinner—always turning the tables, deflecting the attention from herself.  Accolades and pomp are usually rare that it’s uncomfortable to be the center of attention when it does happen.  In a little micro-inch of her heart, she’d like to learn how to accept these niceties with the grace they deserve, but she just doesn’t know how.  Or, if truth be told, she never made the time to learn how.  It’s easier, safer to smile and nod.  Hug, when appropriate and maybe even shed a tear.

She is you.




The countless women who impact our lives and are the true role models of womanhood.  The teacher we could never forget.  The caregiver with the gentlest touch.  The receiver of your love note that arrived in her mailbox at the *right* time.  The one who first prayed for you, then penned a note of encouragement to send specifically to you.