Five Minute Friday: Ready


Hands poised over the keyboard, I was ready to write my five-minute post last night. I had spent some time in my ‘brainstorm room’ (aka: shower stall) and came up with something decent to start from. But when I sat to write it out, I was interrupted by my 3-year and her urgent need.

After helping her, I was no longer prepared to write anything. What little energy I’d had left was used rushing her to the bathroom…changing my own pants. I set my alarm before bed, intending to be up early and ready to write.

The kids awoke before the alarm, shaking up my plans yet again. Even now as I attempt to type this up, I’m being stopped by my mini-mes for all manner of reasons. None urgent, but just enough to derail me.

In my head, I had everything planned out. My graphic was ready to go. I was going to post, link up on social media and share a word of encouragement. Sounds like a beautifully layered salad. Except that the bowl was flipped up in the air and all the layers started mixing together changing from the artistic layered look to the organized jumble of a tossed salad. All the elements are there, but in a different order now.

And perhaps this was my lesson? So often I think I’m ready for things. I make seemingly good plans and have fantasized about my intentions and my reach. In my mind’s eye, I visualize a certain path.

Reality, however, is a different story. One of the definitions for ready is ‘willing’. My own willingness is only one part. I need to be willing to yield to God.

My thoughts, my ways, my plans…my, my, my. They’re all limited. Me & my flawed self do not know it all. While my intentions are usually good, I cannot predict the outcome. However, God knows. He knows all! When I’m ready to trust Him, to let Him steer, He will use it for His glory AND will even bless me in the process. Because He’s gracious like that.

I always want to be ready for more of His grace.


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Five Minute Friday: Reach

His tiny hand kept trying. Stretching open, then pulling in to close. An endless cycle of ‘open-close-open-close’. He was trying hard to grab the sparkly item. It was just beyond his reach. (2)

Three things stood out for me as I watched my 7-month old working at reaching this item.

He didn’t quit. He kept going and going, maintaining the intensity and earnestness in his reach. He kept his eye on the prize, not looking left or right. He was focused, figuring that if not this time, then next time, his efforts will pay off.

Adjustment is sometimes necessary. The little guy was just too far from the object of his desire. His arm only extends so far and not further. He needed to reposition himself so that he could reach his goal. Once he got a wee bit closer—jackpot! He reached his prize and was thrilled.

Goals are achievable. They’re meant to be set high, so that we’d have to reach. When we make the goals too easy to grab, we miss the chance to develop new skills and learn valuable life lessons. Sometimes we’re scared to set goals for ourselves. No one enjoys being a failure, especially when it comes to our goals. It gets discouraging to fall short. It is exhausting to begin again and again, especially if we’re too stubborn to adjust our methods.

Watching this scene unfold reminded me of Jesus. He reaches for me over and over again. He never quits and is relentless in His pursuit of my heart. I’m swimming in blessings and trials, both coming in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The goal? To strengthen my faith in Him and develop my character. So that I can be used for His glory.


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