FMF Doubt

Gideon is minding his own business, threshing grain in a wine press as though it’s a routine thing to do. Suddenly the angel of the Lord appears and greets him with ‘Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!’ The angel explains that Gideon is about to rescue Israel by defeating the Midianites. Gideon balks immediately. He doesn’t doubt much the idea of victory, but the fact that God had chosen him.

Gideon is the least in his family, which was part of a weak clan. He isn’t exactly the poster child for war commanders. Yet, it’s him that God chose. Uncertainty and hesitation are killers of great ideas and beautiful dreams. Before they can even be uttered, we underestimate our personal value and self-worth and hopes are dashed.

God comes to us with all manner of ideas. We don’t often doubt His ability to see these ideas to fruition. Rather, we hesitate to believe that we are worthy of the call. It’s easier to recite a litany of negative criteria that we falsely believe automatically disqualifies us from anything good.

Despite reading and studying the Word and our ability to memorize and quote scripture backwards and forwards, we have moments when we hesitate to believe the Word. Humans don’t just accept people on their word anymore. There are strings attached and clauses for when certain ideals aren’t met. We then take some of these more challenging relationships and use them as the blueprint for all relationships. Doubt creeps in everywhere because there is no way we’re good enough.

This is not God’s way. The words He speaks aren’t fickle or uttered meaninglessly. He spoke the world into existence—His words are life-giving power. He loves us because He made us. He sees and knows our potential and so works behind-the-scenes to see our purpose in Him fulfilled.

When God wants to use us, He doesn’t just sit back and wait for us to fail. He walks with us and even goes before us. We are worthy of it all because He said so.

What are some tools you use to combat doubt?


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