As my children grow, the level of their requests have grown as well. No longer are they pointing and grunting their desires. Gone are the days of ‘Water please?’ and ‘Can I do this?’ They’ve reached the phase of ‘Can-I-have-this-please-say-yes-please-say-yes?? Please!!’

There are times when the request is appropriate and Mommy consents. But there are also times when I have to say no, because it’s not right.

I have moments like this with God.

God, please pay off my debt, please say yes?

Please don’t let me get a parking ticket even though I went over the allotted time on the meter and I totally know it’s my fault, please, please, please say yes?

Please let me have my own way because it’s what I want and I believe that it will make me happy in the short term and I don’t feel like stopping to consider the long term. Please say yes, please say yes?

What stings is when those around me seem to be getting yesses from God while He tells me no.

There are times when God says no to me because it’s not right…for me.

My relationship with God is just that—mine and His. No one elses. It’s not my place to be concerned about what I think God is doing with others. I’m not living their life; experiencing neither their struggles nor their successes.

When He says no, it’s because He is doing what’s best. And when He says yes, it’s also because He is doing what’s best.

As a bonus, He even includes a reason at times, even if it’s delayed.

This is part of faith. Trusting God and His answers, especially when we cannot get our own way in our desired time frame. He knows what He’s doing and why He’s doing it.


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