Though this format is slightly different from my usual posts, I’m learning to be obedient especially when it doesn’t make sense to me and to trust God with the other details. Here are two thoughts that immediately came to mind when I read the prompt.

Be willing to learn.

It’s very difficult to learn anything when you resist being taught. The times I’ve failed or have felt miserable after completing a task are the times when I’ve been most resistant to learning. The false belief that you know enough leads to an overconfidence and cockiness, which is often only a blink away from arrogance. You cannot thrive in your growth without learning. Some of the humblest of people are those who recognize their weakness and are open to improvement. They’ve acknowledged that while things may be good in their current state, they’d be even better with help. Seize all moments as learning opportunities, grabbing the good nuggets and rejecting the bad.

Be open to learning from everyone.

This is a challenge that can cripple progress. Some believe that they can only learn from one who is a renowned expert and publicly successful in their area; a master. Others overlook anyone who is not like them as possible teachers. A difference in skin colour, gender, age, financial status, marital status, religious affiliation and more are viewed as negative strikes, leading to the false conclusion that ‘they’ could not possibly contribute anything of value to ‘me’. Yet it’s those very variations that add to a person’s ability to teach. Their perspective adds another layer of depth to the lessons you can learn. You can learn a lot from reading well-researched books. But the apprenticeship that comes from working alongside another person or hearing their personal testimony is often priceless.

When we keep our minds open to learning, we live differently. Not only will we gain from our experiences–even if it’s a lesson of what not to do in a situation–but we’ll have something to share as well.

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  • Jeannette Shields

    I really appreciate and look forward to the 5 Minute Fridays! Thank you very much!

  • Denise Oldham

    much wisdom here.

  • http://www.survivingourblessings.com/ Abbey

    This is wisdom. I can relate to those moments of thinking that a certain person couldn’t possibly have anything to teach me. It’s humbling to realize that God can use anyone as a teacher in our lives when there’s something we especially need to learn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today- I’m glad you went with it even though it felt risky. (I’m visiting from FMF where I’m your neighbor today.)