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His day took an unexpected turn. Enjoying the serenity of shepherding, something caught his eye. There were flames leaping out of a bush, but it wasn’t being consumed. He went closer to inspect it, possibly to douse the flames before it turned into something uncontrollable. Never did he expect to hear his name: ‘Moses! Moses!’

‘Here I am!’ was his reply.

God has a little chat with Moses here, telling him that he’s the deliverer for God’s enslaved children.

Rather than jump for joy at the thought of freedom, and the dream-come-true of promises fulfilled, Moses protests. For everything God told him, Moses would negatively rebut with ‘But God, I can’t…’. Trust God to have a solution to each rebuttal. Because He had called Moses, He would equip Moses for the task at hand. Moses felt inadequate and intimidated in the shadow of such a massive responsibility which caused him to dwell in his fear rather than dwell in his God.

This story has replayed itself all throughout history.

‘Sabrina! Sabrina!’ God calls. (You can insert your own name here.)

‘Here I am!’ is my reply.

Then He speaks…and I rebut. I can’t. I’m not worthy. I’m inadequate. But…but…but…

But do I trust Him?

Later in Exodus, we read of the transformation of Moses’ character. He’s gone from pleading no to veiling his radiant face after seeing God. The same God who reshaped Moses is able to do wonders with our characters as well.


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  • Denise Oldham

    much truth spoken here.

  • Tara Ulrich

    Sabrina, so so true! We all have had our Moses moments. Haven’t we?!? God calls us to trust and follow just like Moses did! Parked in the #12 spot this week.

  • Joy Lenton

    I get this, Sabrina. So often we’re desperate to hear from the Lord, then we cringe away from what He’s asking of us! Yes, it does all come down to a question of trust. We remember Who is doing the requesting and what are the consequences of refusal or delay. I love the way you introduced the story of Moses hearing from God because we can all relate to his reluctance, whether or not it’s a huge thing God is asking of us. And we learn that being obedient always ends up as the best response. Thank you for your good word here. I’m happy to be visiting from #fiveminutefriday Have a blessed weekend. :)