When a Ball Lands in Flax

ball and flax


The ball landed with a muted thud and nestled into its resting spot. This was the one place I hoped it wouldn’t land: in my bowl of ground flaxseed.

While I prepared ingredients for bread baking, my four-year-old was playing nearby. She’d found a small bouncy rubber ball, purple with flecks of pink glitter. When she threw it on the floor, it bounced up in the air. This was an exciting discovery — that she could bounce the ball and catch it too. She kept moving farther into the kitchen as I kept cringing inwardly, hoping it wouldn’t land anywhere near my counter.

Yet it did.

She gasped and stopped mid-step.

“Sorry Mom!” Bowing her head, she braced herself for a negative reaction of some kind.

Instead, God spoke to me in the moment…

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