Five Minute Friday: Try


It was greed that propelled me. I was about seven or eight years old at the time of this birthday party for a young, family friend. The food was fine; the company was good. And then it was dessert time. Birthday cake was served to the guests, including myself. Wanting more of the sweet icing, I asked for another piece of cake.

There’s no more birthday cake, they replied, only cheesecake.

A cheesey cake? I remember thinking to myself. Okay, weird, but if it’s like the birthday cake, yay for me.

I took one bite and nearly gagged. They were serious when they told me it was cheese cake. There was cheese in my cake! I went and returned the offensive dessert back to the adults.

Cake and cheese are two items that should never mix. Never!

When my sister sent a text advertising national cheesecake day, I just shook my head. No way, nuh uh, not me.

I have never tried cheesecake since that day.

The memory and even the aftershocks from the one mouthful are enough to repel me from cheesecake.

I understand that many people tend to love this dessert, to the point of joyful tears even. And I’m fine with that. But not me.

How often do we stop ourselves from trying things because of fear?

Being afraid is a huge stumbling block for me. I can talk myself into all manner of detours, rather than try to plow ahead. Except that when I don’t try, then nothing can happen. No changes can be made. When I don’t try at all, there isn’t even an attempt to work from. The slate stays blank and there is no impact.

What is one thing that you can try this coming week? (Bonus points to you if it involves tackling a fear!)


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  • Sharon O

    Trying to do something you have never done is a great challenge. The first time I wrote a blog post and published it I second guessed myself for days. Now I just write it and let the Lord do with it as it appears on line. Sometimes the readers are blessed other times I never know.

  • Christy Richardson

    Woman, get over that fear and go try some cheesecake, lol! I’m going to the FMF retreat Friday and I’m scared to death…do you hear my knees quaking? I’ve never been to a writer’s retreat/conference. YIKES!

  • Judith Heaney-mcKee

    I love your storytelling! And thank you for the reminder that when we choose not to try, there can be no progress because there is not even a starting point. Fear is such a powerful tool in the hands of the enemy: he can convince us that we shouldn’t even bother to try something. And yet, God tells us otherwise. And the world needs us to try.

  • Denise Oldham

    wonderful story, glad you shared.

  • Tara Ulrich

    Wow! Reminds me if a high school classmate who ate too much cheesecake in a home economics class. Your post is a good one for me to read since my one word for 2015 is “brave!” I’m going to have to think of something I can try this week. I’m parked in the #11 spot this week!

  • Elizabeth Meyers

    Great story! Personally, I love cheese and cake and cheesecake. I’ve let fear stop me from trying new things too. Thanks for reminding me to be brave.

  • JeanneTakenaka

    I loved your story about cheesecake. There are so many more flavors now than when I was a girl. My husband persuaded me to become a fan . . . until I could no longer eat gluten or dairy. Sigh.

    I love your application. When we let fear dominate our decisions, we won’t try new things. We don’t trust Jesus to help us with them. It seems like I’m still learning that life lesson. Great post!

    I’m your FMF neighbor this week.