Five Minute Friday: Dream


Once upon a time, there was a girl who quit dreaming. Any aspirations or goals that she’d set for herself would not quality as ‘dream worthy’. She was uncomfortable and somewhat unfamiliar with failure. Disappointment? That she knew and preferred to avoid it as much as possible. Whatever she set her sights to do, it was right in front of her. Goals were made with short-term timeframes and very achievable. If, while aiming for her target, she felt that success was not possible, she’s readjust her goal line, setting a new, decreased success.

But as the girl grew, she listened and watched. She observed those around her dreaming of lofty goals—and even achieving some of them. For those who at least tried something, anything, to reach their dreams, they still came out happy, despite their lack of success. Was it possible to do both?

So she prayed.

God showed her how she was not only hurting herself, but hurting Him too. God, who can make all things possible, was being limited by this girl who thought she could only dream within her own strength. God loves to show up and show out for His children, because He adores them all dearly and unconditionally. By not trusting Him with her dreams, her aim or her end results, she was not leaving God any room to work with.

Slowly, she let go and began to dream. She set goals and visions and saw herself doing some pretty cool things. Mostly, she gave her dreams to God, asking Him to do something of significance with her dreams, as long as He got the glory.

She’s learning to dream big, reminding herself that God is even bigger than anything her mind can fathom.


{It’s your turn on the prompt ‘dream’. Where does this word lead your imagination? You’re invited to write down your thoughts and even share them if you so desire. The major ‘rule’ is simple: Write freely for five (or five-ish) minutes without going back to edit (and yes, this is hard and quite unnatural to do…at first). Join the link-up or find more posts here.}

  • Mary Hill

    You dream on and dream big. I love that God wants to show out for us and that he loves us so greatly. Thanks for the inspiration,

  • Karrilee Aggett

    Oh I love this! I have been this girl… and thankfully, I am learning to hand over my dreams too!

  • Amy

    This is such a beautiful post. I, too, had stopped dreaming at once and am just now slowly learning to dream again.

  • Natasha

    I love your post! Sometimes I have let dreams remain dreams and not reality for fear of….well….whatever. Thank you for sharing. Glad to be your FMF neighbor this week!