Five Minute Friday: Blue

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I recently purchased a colouring book for grown-ups.

I remember, as a child, opening the big box of 64 crayons. There was almost a solemnness in watching as the perfectly rounded crayons were unveiled. That many crayons finally meant options. The water in your drawing could be one shade of blue, while the sky would be another, brighter shade of blue. And there were even blends, like blue-green. Those were the days when we’d let our imaginations run rampant. It was okay if your zebra was more than the standard black and white. Your pets could have polka dots or even be rainbow coloured. In fact, we were encouraged to think outside the box. To just fill the page.

As I grew older, the message shifted. The time for creative fun was reduced to fleeting moments here and there. There were guidelines on how to achieve the ideal shade of colour. You have a basic blue, for example. And if you want it purple, then add some red. If you need a dark blue, add black.

Then there are official documents, which clearly state in their margins ‘please print using only black or blue ink’. You risk rejection if you dare to print outside the box.

But by always staying in the box, creativity can sometimes be stifled.

My creativity needs a nudge, hence the colouring book. It’s time to relearn how to let my imagination soar with colour.


{I’m linking up with Kate, the host of the Five Minute Friday community. This was a different type of prompt today. Never a dull moment here.}

  • Jennifer Frisbie

    Oh my, I colored with my kids today! I loved your take on this, Sabrina. I felt a little bit horrified when my two year old scribbled across the head of her little girl on the coloring page with a bright blue crayon today. And then I remembered how much fun she was having and how silly I was for making sure I stuck with the boring browns and yellows and reds for the people on my page. You’ve reminded me that her way is the right way. Imagination is everything. And I need to humble myself to her level! :) Loved this!

  • Karrilee Aggett

    OOOOh – I saw that Deidra Riggs was coloring yesterday… and Kris Camelay too! I have heard of the amazing grown up coloring books that are all the rage right now… I just may need to join in too! (And the smell of new crayons! YUM!)

  • Tara Ulrich

    I loved this post, Sabrina. I want to take more time coloring this summer. It is such a stress reliever for me.