Five Minute Friday: Follow


When approaching an associate for help in a store, the response sometimes is ‘follow me’. I make sure I have my cart or other various items in hand and stick closely by. I wouldn’t want to forget my purse or potential purchases behind in a rush to follow the associate.

Jesus looked at his first disciples and said ‘Come, follow me…’ and they went immediately behind Him, no questions asked. Unlike my example, however, they left everything behind.

They were mid-task; on the job, earning a living, and they just dropped everything to follow Jesus. Matthew left all his cash right there and walked away. He didn’t stop to lock it in a safe or ask his co-worker to step in.

What is it about Jesus that made them drop everything to follow Him?

In a few words, He managed to convey such a profound message to them.

I am.

Jesus was their friend, teacher and master. He explained the scriptures with such mastery and yet cuddled with children. He met needs and touched society’s untouchables. He is firm, passionate, gentle and loving. The list of all that Jesus was and is and will be for you and for me is unending.

In a few moments, the disciples felt drawn to Him enough to leave everything they had to follow without glancing behind them.

Jesus calls us to trust Him. Now. To follow Him and let Him lead the way and direct our steps. Are we willing to let go of whatever’s in our hands right now and just follow Him as we are?


If you took five minutes to jot down some thoughts on the topic ‘follow’, what would you say? You can join in on the fun over at Kate’s place.

  • Katha VD

    Very nice post and a profound challenge! Thank you! Your FMF neighbor

  • Latonya_lilthisandthat

    Sabrina, you have such a way with words. Daily I work on dropping it all and keeping my eyes on Him. It’s not always easy, but so worth it.

  • Amy

    As usual, I love your words today but more than that I love your heart that you express here. You never fail to take the prompt each week and turn us to God with each word. Thanks you !!