Five Minute Friday: Relief


If I were in his shoes, I’d have been sweating after the first few times. There was a lot at stake; this was not the time for errors. Usually clear skies are wanted, but not in this moment. Not only was rain expected in the forecast–it was desperately needed.

Because God had promised.

Elijah prayed seven times for rain to come. After each prayer, he’d expectantly sent his servant to look for any change on the horizon. The skies were unmarred for the first six times. On the seventh time, a cloud was visible. Finally!

What a relief!

Only hours earlier, Elijah had prayed one time and fire came down from heaven. So to pray seven times before any hint of a sign would be nerve-wracking.

How easy it is to forget about the character of God in just a short time. Despite my inconsistency in believing, God is consistent with His promise keeping. He always comes through.

If He says He will do something, then He will. I need not worry about a backup plan for ‘if’ it doesn’t happen. Planning for God to fail only hampers my relationship with Him.


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  • Amy

    WOW !! I had never thought of Elijah’s prayers this way before. I am sure it was a relief with he saw that small cloud far off.

  • Rachel Sabey Lipford

    This is such a lovely message! Thank you for sharing this story of Elijah and relief and God’s constancy.

  • Helen

    “Planning for God to fail only hampers my relationship with Him”….what a beautiful thought… powerful. Thank you for your post….as so often happens as I hop around FMF posts, your thoughts were definitely ones that needed to reach me today. Thank you {Helen, a FMF friend}