Five Minute Friday: Keep

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For years, he had kept it all to himself. He let resentment build up one layer at a time. Yet, he chose to say nothing and keep on working. It was just him and his father now. Perhaps driven by obligation, this loyal son looked to do his part.

As he returned home from work one afternoon, he could feel a difference in the atmosphere. Usually a heaviness loomed over the estate. But not today. No, a sense of joviality seemed to run rampant. What was going on? His unpleasant mood seemed to sour even more.

He stopped a servant that was hurrying along, wondering what was happening in his home. The response floored him.

His brother was home.

His long-lost, younger brother was home. The defiant scoundrel who had so arrogantly and hurriedly left home years earlier. Abandoning dad. Abandoning him. This older son was confused: why were they celebrating this return?

He sought out his father for an explanation.

All the turmoil and mixed emotions that he had been keeping to himself were finally revealed. His heart and his pain were now exposed.

It’s unhealthy to keep clinging to bitterness. It starts off small, barely unnoticeable. Like a seed fueled by anger and resentment, it bursts and become rooted. Deeply rooted. Try as we might, the effects of harbouring bitterness always betray us. As a result, we miss out on life while life passes us by. Time does not keep still, does not wait for us to catch up.

Don’t let your hurt keep you from opportunities of God’s marvelous grace and His miraculous love.

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Today’s post was based on Luke 15:11-32. I’m linking up with Kate and the five-minute Friday community today. 

  • Dara Shultz

    This was absolutely what I needed to hear. Thank you!!

    • Sabrina

      You’re welcome, Dara. Thank you for reading :)

  • Colleen Connell Mitchell

    What a great take on the prompt. I love the way you rewrote the perspective of the story. Great post, so happy we are neighbors this week!

    • Sabrina

      Thank you for your kind words, Colleen :)

  • Amy

    As a rule-follower I have always identified with the older brother and his resentment. Learning to open my hands to release my expectations and resentment so that I can grasp more fully to His beautiful grace.

    • Sabrina

      Right, Amy?! I tend to be a rule follower too. In my mind, those who rebel should not get the same privileges or surpass those who do stay on the ‘right’ path….
      …And perhaps this is why God’s in charge and I’m not? He’s so much more gracious than I would be and than I even deserve.

      We’re both learning to release our own expectations so that we’re ready to be filled with His grace.

      Blessings, friend :)

  • Steph E

    I love how you plunge us into the view of the older brother straight away, seeing what he sees. And what a powerful encouragement not to keep hanging on to things we should release to the Lord so we can experience his grace.

    • Sabrina

      Thank you, Steph. I’ve that some of these secondary characters in many Bible stories often have as much, if not more, to teach us too.

  • Helen

    Wonderful post. You make such an important point. Was captivated by your description. Love it. Thank you {A FMF friend}

    • Sabrina

      Thank you for reading, Helen, and for encouraging me with your words :)

  • Jamie G

    What a great reminder to reflect on the things I’m keeping that I shouldn’t be…Thanks!

    • Sabrina

      You’re welcome, Jamie :)