Five Minute Friday: Notice


They noticed their sleeping passenger. Exhausted from ministry, Jesus was getting some much needed rest. On any regular jaunt, this would be fine. This night was far from normal.

Sailing across the lake, the disciples were hit by a fierce storm. Far from shore and blinded by darkness and murky waves, they fought hard to stay afloat. They had no intentions of dying that night. This trip wasn’t even their idea—they were following Jesus’ suggestion of where to go next. Frantic, adrenaline surged as they worked to keep water out of the boat. They were doubtful of the outcome. Perhaps it was in a flash of lightening that they noticed and remembered that Jesus was also on the boat.

They shook Him awake with their shouting. ‘Don’t you care?!?!’

They failed to notice Jesus’ peace.

Presuming their impending demise, they demanded to know if Jesus was at all concerned as they drowned. They didn’t ask Him to help bail out water or even to pray. These same men were first hand witnesses to miracles, yet they didn’t ask Him to stop the storm.

Meeting their immediate need, Jesus commanded the storm to cease. Then, He dealt with His disciples.

Jesus had peace because He was secure in His heavenly Father. He had a habit of awaking early each day to spend quality time in prayer. Because of this deep-rooted connection, built up during the quiet times, Jesus was prepared to meet storms when they arose.

Lord, help me to notice You at all times so that I am aware of Your presence when I need You most.


Oh! There were so many places that this prompt was taking me. I had a tough time choosing only one for today’s post. I’m linking up with Kate and the Five-Minute Friday community today. You’re invited to join us too. The guidelines are simple: write freely for five minutes. (Some days, you need more minutes because the message needs to get out, and that’s okay too)

  • Liz von Ehrenkrook

    I echo Amy’s sentiment. The ending prayer was so simple and beautiful. Very to the point. I love prayers like that. Stealing it for this coming week!

    Have enjoyed linking up with you in two places this past week!

  • Amy

    What a beautiful prayer you ended with. I join you in the desire to learn to notice Him everyday in everyway.

  • Lisa Marie

    Excellent recount and reminder! Thank you!