Five Minute Friday: Turn


One glaringly obvious hint that a driver is not from the neighbourhood is when they’re indicating to turn on a one-way street…in the wrong direction Nevermind the arrows (plural) that aim to guide them in the right way. The honking horns go unheard. The flow of traffic heading north while you’re aiming to turn south seems invisble.

Too often, the mistake is only realized once the driver has completed the turn.

Mrs. Lot came to mind tonight. Heading down a deserted, one-way path, she was reluctant to go. She’d never asked to leave the comforts of home and the familiar life that she’d grown accustomed to. And the nerve of these ‘visitors’. They just grabbed her arm, and yanked her out of there. She was not prepared for a vacation of any kind. Perhaps she felt a bit of comfort with her husband and two daughters by her side.

The directions were clear. They were to keep running forward, no question asked. Do not look back!

Why ever not? She wondered. That was home. What was happening there that she couldn’t watch? I hope she had one of those inner arguments with herself. Those self-debates where you weigh the pros and cons of making a decision, hoping to choose wisely even when it doesn’t make sense.

Well, we know her choice. Ignoring all warnings, Mrs. Lot turned. It was too late for her.

There are times when God permits u-turns. His Word is a guide on how to live and why we should trust Him. Yet, too often, we find ourselves caught up in self-debates, battling between right and wrong, particularly when we’re on a one-way path. There are times that we do make the mistake and turn where it’s not accessible. However, God in His loving kindness, protects us and is willing to redirect our steps.


Linking up with Kate and the Five-Minute Friday community tonight.

  • Verona

    Great post Sabrina! I am guilty of making the wrong turns also. God does constantly remind me to trust Him. Sometimes that seems too easy rather than trying to figure things out on my own. But experience has showed me that I need to rest in the Lord and what His plans are for my life…what a blessing! Your friend from #FMFparty. :)

    • Sabrina

      Thank you, Verona. I’m thankful that God never quits on us.

  • Nifty Betty

    Sometimes we deviate from the path we are called to walk on. Good thing for God’s grace and his presence in everything we do. You are such a talented writer. Is this part of what will be a book? I would love to read the entire thing!

    • Sabrina

      Your comment made my week :) I’ve had a few people tell me that I should write a book…but I’m lost on where to start. What type of book do you think might work for me?

      • Nifty Betty

        Oh my goodness Sabrina! I didn’t see this reply until today. I feel horrible. I didn’t receive notification of it. I reread your post. I still think it should be a book. I think expanding on this idea would be great! Introduce a character that people relate with who isn’t living her calling, she hears God, accepts what He has to say and experiences life in an entire different way (a way she was always meant to live).

  • Leah Adams

    Sabrina, your post is a beautiful reminder that we need to be obedient to whatever God tells us. Disobedience has a high price, as Mrs. Lot and her family discovered. I, too, am grateful for u-turns and grace when I have been disobedient to God’s plan. He’s so good to us. Grace and peace….. #FMFparty

    • Sabrina

      Oh so good! I try to remind myself of this constantly, so that I can extend goodness to others too. Thanks for reading, Leah.

  • Therese Moma

    I love that you call her Mrs. Lot! That is so creative :) Thank God that He allows us to make u-turns when we mess up! Stopping by from FMF! God bless you!

    • Sabrina

      I grew up hearing her referred to as Mrs. Lot (Mrs. Noah is another one). Thanks for stopping by, Therese.

  • Martha Brady

    hi sabrina:) great post.i like the creative telling of mrs. lot’s story! i’m your next door neighbor at fmf:) nice to bump into you again today. have a great weekend.

    • Sabrina

      Howdy Neighbour :) Thanks for coming over, Martha.

  • Sue Peterson

    I’ve made so many of those turns! Thanks for the reminder that we can always get going the right direction!

    • Sabrina

      Thanks for reading, Sue. God is so patient to help redirect us and correct our paths. Hallelu!