Five Minute Friday: Long


Elijah challenged the people: “How long are you going to sit on the fence? If God is the real God, follow him; if it’s Baal, follow him. Make up your minds!” Nobody said a word; nobody made a move. (I Kings 18:21, Message)

I can be a slow decision maker, particularly with high-priced or valuable items. If I need to purchase an appliance or home school curriculum, for example, I will spend time perusing the internet for feedback. I need to hear experiences from real users in similar situations to know if or not this product or item may be suitable for my needs. I’m trying to avoid buyer’s regret by taking all these steps.

Things were getting overly corrupt in and around the Israelites…again. Elijah challenged the people to make a choice. They’d been weighing the matter long enough. Time was up. Were they going to choose the real God or the false Baal?

God had proven himself repeatedly to the world. He’d shown His glory and majesty and sovereignty in miraculous ways. Yet, too many still opted to turn a blind eye to God and His impeccable record. They preferred to flirt with a false, unproven God than to have faith in One who was also the Creator. Sadly, no one responded to Elijah’s call.

So they went on to have a demonstration between the various believers. The Baal worshippers spent hours beseeching for their cries to be heard. They exhausted themselves to no avail. Then Elijah stepped up, saturated his altar with water, and received a response from God within a matter of moments. When the people witnessed God’s amazing reply to Elijah’s call, they immediately began to acknowledge Him. Finally.

But it was too late by then. They had waited too long and the Baal prophets had their lives cut short that very day.

When I have all necessary information in front of me, why drag out the decision?


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  • Tonya H.

    very interesting.
    I just recently did a post entitled “yes. no.” and it was about making decisions.

  • Amy

    I too am a slow decision maker which is not always a bad thing when purchasing appliances but in following Christ it can be so bad. I know I have missed blessings by not making a decision to follow certain calling on my life. Thanks for sharing !!!

  • Karen Brown

    Sabrina~ this is one of my favorite OT stories and you personalized it for me so well here. I judge those Baal worshippers in the Bible… all while waiting too long myself. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Verona –

    Great post Sabrina and something that I battle with often. Why don’t I just trust the Lord completely with my decisions? It is difficult sometimes comprehend that He always has the best outcome for me. When I do trust Him– amazing things happen! I’m also a neighbor at FMF. :)

  • Sherrey Meyer

    Oh, Sabrina, we are the same as you! We must consider all the options, read all the good and the bad about a product, make sure we’re making the right decision, and hope it’s still there by the time we decide. Why do we wait so long about so many thing, especially things God lays before us? I’m your neighbor at FMF, and I’m glad to meet you.