Five Minute Friday: Whisper



I think of the encounter at a town well many years ago. A woman carefully chose the time of day to draw water, specifically to avoid meeting anyone else. Yet one day, she meets a Man. He’s from a background that she’s been raised to hate. She knows nothing about Him and refuses to give Him a fair chance. He is judged based on appearance. This Man then has the holy boldness to ask her for a drink of water. And a dialogue ensues.

One that, I imagine, happened with whispers and low tones.

The woman’s story is one of humiliation and defeat. This kind-hearted and gracious Man, however, is not in the business of embarrassing people. I imagine that as He asked her about her story, He did so with love and compassion and a gentle whisper. He was not trying to draw any extra attention to her. After all, their meeting was a clash of cultures. No need to drag her already sullied name into anymore mud. He listened as she spoke, not intending for anyone to overhear. In fact, when His disciples returned, they saw them together, but did not hear any of the conversation that was transpiring.

Today, these encounters happen anytime, anywhere. We do not need a meeting place in order to have a private rendezvous with Christ. We just need to start talking.

Our stories are just as private, intimate and embarrassing as hers was. And He is still just as kindhearted and gracious. Because He doesn’t change.

Even if all we can manage to do is squeak out a few whispered grunts and groans, He is fully attentive and listening for it.

Because He loves us so much and values every detail of our story.


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  • Amy

    I love the story of the woman at the well and thankful that He does lean close to hear even my whispers.

  • Barbie

    So thankful God listens to my whispers! Have a blessed weekend.

  • Paula Kaye

    Sometimes I have to listen very, very hard but then I hear HIS whisper. I loved your writing.