Five Minute Friday: Change


Each coming day has shown me how much the world is changing. It is not for the better.

I was hoping that I could avoid teaching my precious children some of the same hard lessons that my parents taught me growing up. What these last couple months have taught me is that I cannot drop my guard. The hard lessons are now a mandatory part of what they need to know in order to survive in this world. Because things have not changed.

What has also changed is the focus on self. Once upon a time, society seemed to encourage people to think of their neighbor; to lend a helping hand; to put others first. Nowadays, it’s all me first. I can’t help you without keeping a running tab of what’s owed to me. We used to act first and talk after. Now we ask first and think after. The main question being how can I benefit from helping you?

But not all change has been negative. The passionate emotions I have seen arising from the events in Ferguson, MO seem to touch most people. I have seen a lot of fear, uncertainty and felt venomous hatred this week.

I have also felt love. People who once ran from the slightest controversial conversations are speaking up. They’re finding their voice, asking questions aloud in hopes of learning together and bridging chasm-sized gaps.

And there has been change in me. Thank you, Jesus! God is at work in my life and in my heart, doing what He does best—good great things. I had the opportunity to show love this week–without expecting anything in return. I was tempted to say something ugly, but that would not have brought glory to God. At all. My decision to love helped spur a positive change for someone else in that moment.

When we allow God to change us, He will do amazing things through us. Our transformations may lead others to trust Him and be changed too.


It’s Five Minute Friday. The chance to write freely, starting at one point and not worrying about a vision for the end point. It’s amazing where you can go somedays.

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  • Liz von Ehrenkrook

    Stopping by from Five Minute Friday! Enjoyed your post!

  • Martha Brady

    i think you are so right sabrina. we are focused on ourselves first…much more (at least as a culture) than we once were. the other sad part of this issue is that it has so many complex parts to it. someone died and it is horrible. there is a history of evil police, but this man may not have been one. discerning truth and meting justice in this case will be difficult especially in the context of violence. it is all a very sad situation all the way around:( we need Christ’s touch there and in all our communities to bring the reconciliation that is found in Him as we minister grace, healing, love, mercy all around us. now that is change spelled CHANGE!

  • Elizabeth

    Truth. So many things I hoped I’d never have to teach my own kids. The world has changed all too much.