Five Minute Friday: Fill

Needing to be filled with fresh water, I grabbed the water bottle from the diaper bag and dashed to the tap.  I started running the water to reach the coldest temperature possible while twisting off the cap.  I emptied out the old water and noticed it was dirty.  I added a bit of fresh water, sloshing it around to rinse out the bottle.  Drained it and…it was still dirty.  Huh?  I looked inside the bottle.


At some point, a bit of grime has gotten in, making the bottle unclean.  Well, I certainly couldn’t fill up the bottle now.  I needed a clean container to use for our water.  There’s no way I was sipping from that thing without a good dunk in hot, sudsy water.

How often do I have great intentions and fill myself without first ensuring that I’m clean?  If my heart and mind are polluted by poor habits and unhealthy thoughts towards others, then I would sully the good efforts I’ve made.  Dirt is something that you can’t hide.  I could try burying it deep down, but as I fill up, the dirt eventually rises to the surface.  It’s an unstable foundation on which to start filling.  As a vessel, I cannot be empty and ready for best use when I’m not cleaned out.

I want to live a life that glorifies God.  I cannot expect Him to receive the glory when I’m still partially filled by aspirations of my own glory.  Our glories are not in competition.  Up against His perfect standard, I fall short every time.

Oh that He would fill me with His Spirit, His love and His grace.  So that my fullness brings Him glory.

FMF Fill


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  • Martha Brady

    great post and great illustration sabrina:) i’ve missed you. has it been me or you that has been out of sync?

  • Martha Brady

    fortunately, our cleansing came at the cross. when peter wouldn’t let jesus wash his feet, jesus told him why it was needed and his response was basically, then give me a bath! jesus told him he didn’t need a BATH, just needed the feet washed.

    thankfully, He has done the cleaning for past, present and future sin. of course, we need to deal with asking for forgiveness for what we are aware of…both from GOD and man, but thankfully, He has, by grace cleansed us. hallelujah:)

  • Amy Boyd

    Yes Lord please clean me up and THEN fill me up.!!! Great post !!!

  • Holly Solomon Barrett

    Sabrina, you are so right that we need to be clean before we can be filled with Him. What I love is that we don’t have to clean ourselves! As we fill up with His live-giving water, it brings the dirt to the surface where He can wash it all clean. Great post, friend!

  • Kate

    “Oh that He would fill me with His Spirit, His love and His grace. So that my fullness brings Him glory.” <– Amen! Love your thoughts here .. Grateful to have you linking up at FMF! Have a blessed weekend ..

  • Richelle Wright

    Loved this analogy! So true and so needed!


  • Anita

    Wow! I’ve never thought if it this way before. I need to pray for cleansing before I pray for filling. (I also need to willingly toss out the dross the I keep dragging into my life). Thank you for the insight.