Five Minute Friday: Belong

{Nearly one year ago, the five minute Friday prompt was also on this same topic.  I’m skipping the option to repost what I did last year (This is it, if you’d like to read it).  Gratefully, I have a bit more to add.}

I found some belonging this week, in two unlikely places.  Both of them are groups hosted through social media.  The first is a project-type group.  I noticed there were other members who had traits of shyness similar to my own.  Instantly there was a connection because no one person no longer felt alone.  While the rapport in this group is healthy and growing, it’s still not quite like home for me.

Enter the second group.  This one felt like home.  Here I met wonderful people from all walks of life.  Yet, we’re linked by this truth: the struggle is real.  Life is hard and unfair, especially when you don’t fit the preconceived mold that some have for you.  There are unrealistic demands thrown on you, with the expectation that you will conform and compromise to fit into a space that was never meant to be yours.  In this group, there is great freedom to be your authentic self.  Not the ‘public’ self or the ‘false’ persona that you create to cater to the audience of the moment.  No, this group celebrates reality and encourages honesty.

!n both groups, you can see the hints of pain from the members, each with a different story. As the song says, group 2 offers ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow’.  To belong means that you’re a part of the movement.  To belong means that you’re wanted and cherished.

Five Minute Friday-


I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday group again.  Would you like to join us?  Perhaps you can share more about ‘belong’

  • Michelle Waychoff

    I am going to mimic Martha- there is something special to said about the honesty and realness of the women I have been reading about lately via social media. YOU are one of those women. Feeling super lucky to have you in my fmf group and now, in my life :) Keep sharing- you are beautiful. Your story is beautiful

  • Sonya La McCllough

    Love to see ya in the link ups lately. The High Calling has one about working for free … maybe you can still get a post in by the 12th.

  • Martha Brady

    learning to be real and honest over the years has been something i have struggled with. i guess the thing that has caused the “struggle” has been learning where the appropriate places were to be honest and how much “honesty” to share in each setting! I’m learning and my husband has been a huge help. he is much more aware of the effect of cutting words on others than I am, of hidden barbs clothed in “honesty” that are meant to hurt rather than reveal my heart.

    thanks for your good words. i enjoye reading them and listening to your heart:)

  • Morag Renfro

    I’ve found a sense of belonging through online groups too, and I absolutely agree that being real and honest about pain and struggles is such a key feature to have a sense of belonging together. Lovely to have meet you through FMF :-) God bless your Friday!