Five Minute Friday: Release

In a moment of surety, she yanked the royal tiara from her carefully coiffed head and flung it into the abyss below.  This was her moment of release.  This act was her delivery from the prison-like life that she’d always known.  Gone was the familiarity of the enclosed walls of her chambers.  She was out in nature, living like one of the elements.  Unrestrained and unconfined.

This scene from Frozen struck me the moment I saw it because it’s rarely what we do.  We try to live the best of all worlds crammed into our one tiny little life.  We hide secrets and hoard skeletons.  We use all manner of designs, clothing, makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc to ‘look the part’.  In our innermost private places, we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are…as long as no one else sees.  It is hard to release security for the unknown.

Most of us can identify with this other young man.  He was well-liked and very well-known. Active in his community, he got involved in everything.  Helped here, participated there. His goal was to look like he was living out his faith.  Yet, he had a void.  There was something missing, that he couldn’t quite put his hand on.  No amount of volunteer work could fulfill him.  Finally, a famous Teacher was passing through.

This young man ran up to Jesus and asked him “What must I do to get eternal life?”  The reply shook him to the core.  “Jesus looked him hard in the eye–and loved him!  He said ‘There is one thing left: Go sell whatever you own and give it to the poor.  All your wealth will then be heavenly wealth.  And come follow me.’  The man’s face clouded over.  This was the last thing he expected to hear, and he walked off with a heavy heart.  He was holding tight to a lot of things, and not about to let go.”  {Mark 10, the Message Bible}

He wasn’t ready to release.  To make that complete surrender and find freedom outside of himself.  He wanted to live for Christ…as long as it was on his own terms.   The things were too important that he made sure to grip them tightly.  You cannot let go of anything if you refuse to open your hands and your heart.

Without that release, you’re too full all the wrongs things and won’t have room to receive the heavenly gifts that Christ wants to shower us with.  FMF Release


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  • Martha Brady

    i think our minds were on the same track today:) you chose the rich young ruler to talk about the topic. great job:) nice to see you. since our move, i haven’t taken time to just browse blogs. have enjoyed it today:)

    • Sabrina

      I hear you on the busyness, Martha. Since my son was born, I still haven’t found a decent ‘blog-reading’ rhythm yet. Glad you had a few moments to spend here :)

  • Dawn

    I had never considered this with the rich young ruler in scripture, but I love the way you pulled that out. :) It is hard to let go of what we find is secure and comforting, even it it is putting eye shadow on every day or holding on to the things we think we need. Thank you for the reminder to release it all into His hands, which is a far better proposition.

  • Sherrey Meyer

    To grasp God’s love he had to give up so much that it was too difficult for him. Many in today’s world hold onto all the wrong things when letting go and letting God would be so a joyful expression of love! Thanks, Sabrina, for sharing both of these stories at FMF today.

  • Zippi

    There is probably a very hard lesson in that. Jesus wouldn’t have asked that of just anyone, certainly not a person with a family that needed them. Jesus would not have asked if he didn’t have the expectation of a yes. But then, expecting isn’t the same as commanding. It was a choice. Personally, I couldn’t have left my young family behind, and I’m glad I’ve never been asked to. 8-(

  • Angela Parlin

    Yes!!! One of the most tragic stories in the Word, isn’t it? He wasn’t ready to let go in order to GRAB HOLD. But also a story I can relate to. Because I hold, I grip, I cling to what you called “all the wrong things”, and I need often to let them GO!!! Thanks for this Sabrina!