The Power of Encouragement

I refer to it as The Elijah Complex.  A moment when you feel so utterly alone and discouraged and begin to second-guess yourself.  Suddenly you start to question life and your existence and if anyone even notices you…

Cue encouragement.

That one gesture from an unsuspecting corner of the world that makes you smile.  Elijah got his.  Not in anything super huge—not that God can’t do huge.  He does ginormous each and every day.  But what Elijah needed in his moment of despair was a small voice to boost his low confidence.  Encouragement comes in just the form that we need it.  Because that’s how God rolls.  He meets our needs how we need them met.

Encouragement is also one of the many ways God uses us.  To stir up someone, helping to restore their faith.  Often it’s unbeknownst to me when God is using me to encourage someone else.  He gives me a nod and my only task is to trust Him and obey.  In following through, others are blessed.  It’s better this way, I think.  Because then I don’t become distracted from the task at hand.  If I knew beforehand who I was to encourage and when, then I may find myself caught up in impressing the recipient rather than focused on obeying God.

For those who do it well, they are said to have the gift of encouragement.  But this thing is so powerful that even if it’s not your gift, you can still work within your gifts to encourage those around you.  Everyone needs a lift from time to time, including ourselves.  Trust those odd impressions that God lays on your heart and follow through.  You may never know the outcome.

  • June

    “He gives me a nod and my only task is to trust Him and obey.” Amen! I love what you shared here, Sabrina! Looking forward to getting to know you better < June {a fellow Inkling}

  • Beth

    I really loved the reminder that even if it’s not your gift, God wants to use you to encourage those around us. Visiting from Inklings (in) Christ. Blessings.

  • Rebekah

    Sabrina, thank you for sharing the Elijah-Complex with us. It is the story of Elijah that inspired the name of my blog years ago.

    Thank you for reminding us that God meets us exactly where we need to be met. He is faithful!

    So glad for this opportunity to get to know you.