Five Minute Friday: Glue

Back in elementary school, before understanding the luxuries of the spa and beauty treatments, I was introduced manicures.  I’m sure this type of manicure would be frowned upon by licensed estheticians, but it worked well for a young girl.  Your nails could take on a whole new colour, thanks to two simple products:  markers and liquid glue.

The first step was to apply the ‘polish’.  The glue, when wet, was white and thick.  This quickly changed to a transparent colour as it dried.  When you could no longer see it, and it felt a bit firm, your nails were ready for the next step.  Select a marker of your choice and colour away.  Lucky were the girls who had the bigger packs of markers–they had so many options.

Once everything was all dry, it was done!  A simple and free manicure applied in only minutes.  It happened in class, during a down time, and away from the scrutiny of protective parents.  When you were ready to change polish colours or if it was time to head home at the end of the day, then came the fun part: removal.

Simply rub a finger along your cuticle bed and find a peeling corner of polish.  Grab and peel it off.  Done!

You would think that a product design to help with adhering things to each other would have a more permanent effect.  However, if you read the fine print, the liquid glue used in school is recommended for craft work and best with paper products.  Nowhere does it suggest using for personal beautification.

When we use things out of context, it may not have the intended effect.


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