Five Minute Friday: Fly

Oh some days how I wish to be a fly.  On a wall.  A wall in people’s minds.

I’m serious.

I know people who make all kinds of decisions that I just can’t comprehend.  Not that people need to live based on my understanding of their lives.  Whatever goes on in the privacy of your home is your business.  Yet, too often, I find that these decisions trickle out to a more public arena.  And too many times, I’m left going “huhhh?!  I don’t get it…”

For example, when I see some parents being obviously inconsistent with their discipline.  By obvious, I mean even my 5 year old starts asking me why the adults made that choice.  I don’t question others out loud, nor do I try to explain it to my kids, other than to say that they’re trying to do their best for their family.  I always pray for the families in these moments.  But I also walk away asking God what’s going on?  Having insight into their thinking would help me understand them better.  More importantly, it would help me love them better in the way that they need.

Another example:  Those who consistently exhibit Christ-like behaviour.  How do you do it???  I want to be inside your brain to see how to stifle the mean thoughts and snarky retorts.  How to make forgiveness swift and anger slow.  How to assert yourself when wronged with eloquence and grace.  How to love those who make loving others the world’s biggest challenge.

Yes, that’s how I’d use my abilities if I were a fly.  I’d want to understand you more.  To see what God already knows about you.

To love you as He does.


It’s Friday, the day of the week I link up with Lisa-Jo and the five minute Friday community.  I had some fun with today’s post.  That’s one of the perks to these free-write sessions.

  • Barbie

    I’ve often wished to be a fly on the wall, hearing the conversations of my children, or hearing others thoughts and views about me. But all for the wrong reasons. I should desire to be a fly on the wall to truly see others for who they really are. Blessings!

  • 2beaglemama

    hehe… I like your take on this week’s word! I too sometimes wonder what is going on in some people’s heads, although I fear they often wonder what’s going on in mine too!

  • Lani – the flowerlady

    I hear you sister…a fly on the wall inside my kids’ heads would be nice sometimes?