Goodness {day 24}

I’m doing something special today–guest posting over at my friend Zohary’s place.  She is currently running a series through October entitled “31 Days of Living God’s Promises“.  She invited me to participate.  Since God has a huge book full of promises, I managed to narrow it down to just one and share.  But before I link to my post, I need to share today’s funny with you.

I worked hard on my guest post for Zohary’s series and emailed it to her last week.  When I went to read it live this morning, I discovered something horrifying–what was posted wasn’t my intended post!!  The first post still made sense, in a way, for the topic of Goodness.  I thought perhaps Zohary just did a very elaborate editing job.  After all, it is her blog, so she gets the final decision on production, right?

As I reread the list a few times over and over, I realized the issue.  I had included the WRONG attachment in the email.  What I had actually sent her was a list of potential blog names when I had kept when I was redesigning my blog months ago.

At first I was horrified, but then I was able to laugh about the entire thing.  Needless to say, I’ll be carefully naming all my files with some obviously different names.  Why name one file ‘Psalm 34″ and another ‘Ps 34’??  

My friend was gracious enough to change the poem-like post.  Thank you, Zohary!!!

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