Peace-Filled Shoes {day 3}

**Here is something I’ve learned that was so profound that I’m breaking it into two parts.**

At my church’s weekly prayer meeting, we’ve been focusing on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).  This week’s piece was the shoes, which represent the gospel of peace.  Though I’ve heard and read this passage numerous times, this is the first time I’ve studied each individual piece of the armor.  The shoes were really eye-opening.

Shoes are the foundation to any outfit, including armor.  They must be sturdy and thick enough to withstand the dangers that lie in the ground.  The enemy would sometimes hide sharp blades in the grass, in attempts to injure the soldiers, disabling them from battle.  A soldier’s footwear also needed to be comfortable for long periods of wearing and marching.  Your feet require proper support to endure for the long haul.

The gospel does exactly this.  God’s Word gives us a solid foundation of peace.  Our lives are often unstable and uncertain.  We make plans, but we cannot control everything around us—things can change in the blink of an eye.  This peace helps us to maintain sure footing in an unsure life.  The soles must be thick enough so that the lies and negativity that try to dig into our souls will not touch us.  There’s also the turmoil of trials and hardships which can drag on for weeks, months or even years.  We need the correct support to endure.

With a solid foundation as our base, it boosts our confidence.  We’re able to live right and to testify.  Without shame.  Shame is hard to release, isn’t it?  Once we believe that God’s forgiveness is truly enough, it shifts our focus.  Part of the peace that comes from the gospel is when we give God all our guilt and shame, He takes it all and gets rid of it.  He doesn’t store any bit of it to taunt us later.  It’s gone!  This freedom enables us to reach out to others, freely and boldly, in love.

Reach out?  We’ll talk more about this tomorrow…

31 Button 2013