Week 19

Wifey has been gently ‘encouraging’ me to put entries in the blog, so I will do so…

It was Valentine’s Day and I received quite a gift – the first pics of my child via the ultrasound. It is quite the cool thing to see. Just to see the little one moving around in there playing peek-a-boo – TOO CUTE!

From Daddy’s point of view, it’s good to see. It makes everything feel more real. I now see that I do have a child that will be depending on me. Mommy gets to feel everything, but it’s nice to see what’s going on in there. One of the pictures from the ultrasound is of the spine. The whole thing is developed – all in a child that weighs 10oz. Seeing the little heart beat, the little feet and legs – simply amazing!

These people really like to suck money out of you. Paid $25 for ultrasound pics – and that’s half price compared to what the other hospital charges. Thank you Seven Oaks hospital. Weddings, funerals, and babies – these events in life you always pay the price….but I digress….

The ultrasound technician was quite excited. It’s like she couldn’t stop taking pictures. I was thinking ‘this isn’t even your child – it’s ours’! Baby is growing at a normal rate and looking healthy.

I just looked at the pictures again, and I don’t know what to say. It’s too cool. Too cool.