Well, my journey with food has definitely been fun thus far this pregnancy. Each craving seems to last for only about 3 weeks. Here’s a brief fun down on my ever-changing must-haves:

It was chicken taco salads for the first few weeks after I learned about my pregnancy. They could only come from one place for me Taco Time. Topped with ranch dressing & no cheese–fantastic.

A few weeks later, it was pizza. Topped with mushrooms & onions & very light on the cheese. (I’m lactose intolerant). Surprisingly, the cheese never made me feel ill. Yeah!!! So I’ve been taking full advantage of that.

A few weeks later, it was tortilla chips with guacamole & salsa. Again, yum! It was definitely good times.

A few short weeks after that, it was ketchup chips. But they could only be from Old Dutch. I had tried Pringles version of ketchup–eww! Never again!

Now we’ve come to the present. It’s been hot wings from Chicken Delight, complete with their hot sauce. And for dessert, the Dare marshmallow strawberry candies !!

I must also add that Jonathon has been enjoying himself immensely and fully supporting my cravings! Nothing makes me smile more than a satisfied, pregnant tummy.

~~Soon-to-be Mommy